Friday, May 23, 2014

"Treatment" Season - Aquatic Herbicide Application Do's and Don'ts

Photo Credit - UF - IFAS
Here we are heading into the last week of May.  Those short, bitter cold days of winter are but a distant memory.  Many of us are currently thinking of nothing more than what to do over Memorial Day Weekend.  However, those of us in the business of Aquatic Plant Management are gearing up (or have potentially already even started) our 2014 nuisance aquatic plant treatment schedules.  While to many another year of applications may seem routine, a recent article on our Facebook page made us here at AERF think of those "worst case scenario" situations when people get comfortable in their jobs.  So today, we bring you an important look back at 10 Do's and 10 Dont's of Pesticide Use.  Be safe and have a wonderful weekend!    

Friday, May 9, 2014

Industry Update: EPA News, Pesticide Update, New Publication on AIS

Happy Friday everyone! We leave you this week with the latest in industry news and happenings.  If you have news you would like featured in our Industry Update, please email to bmhartis@ncsu,edu.  Stay tuned next week for more of the latest in aquatic plant management, science, and innovation!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Management Minute: The GRASS Carp

Photo credit:  Michigan State University Extension
Happy Thursday all and welcome to our management minute!  With the warming of spring, you are likely noticing the "greening" of just about everything around you.  Flowers blooming, birds chirping, and love in the air (along with eye swelling pollen...).  These are just a few things you might be seeing with the changing of the seasons.  All of this "new life" isn't designated solely to those things which we love..... Invasive aquatic plants are likely on the increase as well, warranting many to start thinking about management.  This week, we will discuss one of many options for managing some types of aquatic plants:  The Grass Carp.